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Montebello Pho & Sandwich

Where Healthy Meets Tasty

We are obsessed with healthy and tasty

Healthy food became synonymous with overpriced or tasteless. (Sometimes both.)

We here at Montebello Pho & Sandwich want to change that. Let us introduce you to authentic Vietnamese cooking that encourages healthy eating. It combines the rich flavors of Asian cuisine with healthier ingredients. All of our dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables, lean meat, and come with healthy vegetarian option -- all offered at affordable price range.

Our vegetarian option doesn't use any meat product and we can make them vegan upon request. We source our vegetables fresh every other day to provide highest quality. Our Vietnamese rice noodles, otherwise known as pho, use natural ingredients and chinese herbal medicine to balance robust flavor with health benefits. Our bahn mi sandwiches use grilled lean meat with fresh vegetables -- no words can describe the freshness you can taste with every bite.

Come give us a try and you will experience our obsession with healthy and tasty food.